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2019 Baseball and Softball Season is here

Softball Rules Changes

1-1-7, 2--22-4,, Table 5-1,, 5-1--1o: The media shall be prohibited from being in live-ball area. The home team or game management may designate an area for the media in dead ball territory. 

Rationale: Clarifies that game management may designate a media area in dead ball territory.

1-5-2a: The knob may be molded, lathed, welded or adjustable, but must be permanently fastened. 

Rationale:Clarifies that an adjustable knob is permissible, provided the knob is permanently fastened by the manufacturer. 

1-8-4:: Defensive players are permitted to wear a shield on their face/head protection in the field but it must be constructed of a molded, rigid material that is clear and permits 100 percent (no tint) allowable light transmission. 

Rationale: In an effort to promote risk minimization, tinted eye shields are prohibited for defensive face/head protection. 

6-1-1 PENALTY, 6--1-2 TThrru 4 PENALTY, 6-2-1 PENALTY,6-2-7 PENALTY: in the case of an illegal pitch, the batter is awarded a ball. The penalty that permitted base runners to be awarded one base without liability to be put out is removed. 

Rationale:  The new language creates more balance between offense and defense. The batter should receive the award rather than runners already on base. 

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NFHS Basketball Training Foul Rulings

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The SMOA has served high school sports officials in the Metropolitan Detroit area since it was established in 1947.  The emphasis of the association is on training and mentoring officials.  The SMOA is an approved officials organization with the Michigan High School Athletic Association. The SMOA does not assign games, however assigners agree to consider the SMOA and its members when they are making their assignments.


Educate our members through clinics, programs, and meetings designed to improve the quality of officiating   Provide a high caliber of officiating during interscholastic contests between MHSAA member schools.   Maintain “Approved Association” status as defined by the MHSAA.   Provide mutual support to SMOA members through a professional approach to athletic officiating in all MHSAA sanctioned sports.   Promote the MHSAA  “Code for Athletic officials”

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